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2 in 1 Airsoft Splatter Ball

2 in 1 Airsoft Splatter Ball

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Introducing the 2 in 1 Airsoft Splatter Ball Electric Toy Gun, an exciting new product sure to titillate your inner firearm enthusiast! This versatile weapon takes airsoft firing to the next level, with its combination of traditional airsoft gun and innovative water beads technology. The gun operates using powerful electric motors that launch soft splattering gel balls up to 25m, making for an eventful outdoor game experience like no other! Its dual-play capability provides a heightened level of excitement – whether you’re taking part in targeted shooting or battling it out against your friends. Its ergonomic design has been built with safety as top priority, while its advanced features give users total control over their shots. This makes it ideal for those seeking an adrenaline-filled battle experience without any of the hazards associated with regular high-powered firearms.




Package include:
1 x Gel blaster set

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