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5 in 1 Computer Cleaner Kit

5 in 1 Computer Cleaner Kit

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Meet the 5 in 1 Computer Cleaner Kit – your tech's new best friend for a spick and span digital life, now with a dash of fun! 🚀  Banish the dust bunnies and keep your computer gleaming with this all-in-one cleaning powerhouse. Our kit comes armed with five essential tools – because your computer deserves the VIP treatment! With a professional touch and a sprinkle of fun, this kit transforms cleaning into a breeze. Tackle those keyboard crumbs, wipe away smudges, and let your screen sparkle, all while enjoying the process! Perfect for the neat freaks and the tech-savvy alike, our 5 in 1 Computer Cleaner Kit is compact, convenient, and ready to add a touch of sparkle to your workspace. Say goodbye to grime and hello to a cleaner, happier computer!



Product Name: Multifunctional 5 in 1 Earbuds Cleaning Pen Set    
Material: ABS + metal + sponge + microfiber cloth    
Product net weight: 29.5g    
Product gross weight: 33.5g    
Product size: 3.8*7.5*1.8CM    
Product packaging size: 9.5*5.5*2CM    


Product List:    
1pcs *5 in 1 Earbuds Cleaning Pen Set(empty spray bottle)

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