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Challenger Racing Sports Car Building Blocks

Challenger Racing Sports Car Building Blocks

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Introducing Challenger Racing Sports Car Building Blocks, the perfect gift for any car enthusiast or fan of construction activities. These detailed building blocks are made from high quality ABS plastic and have been designed with safety in mind. Suitable for children 3 years and up, they will be kept entertained for hours as they work on constructing their own model sports car, a Dodge Challenger. The parts come with an electronic manual offering step-by-step instructions, so anyone can easily complete the construction without needing a parent’s assistance. Featuring precise measurements and vibrant colorings, these blocks will look great when displayed anywhere in the home. And to top it off if you experience any bumps during transport which may cause some scratches due to friction then there is no need to panic as this product comes with a satisfaction guarantee! So why not give your child this highly educational Challenger Racing Sports Car Building Blocks set today?

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